Services - SC21 Tools & Techniques

SC21 Roadmap

Our SC21 Programme can be deployed in a number of very cost effective ways:

*Ensuring that SC21 is appropriate for your company prior to full diagnostics

*Mapping your company's route to the next SC21 level of engagement

*Documentation of your company’s SC21 exposition which will be used by ADS and key customers for the evaluation of eligibility against the SC21 recognition award criteria.

SC21 Diagnostics

As an approved SC21 Strategic and across-the-board Training Partner, DB Concept Solutions can actively assist with the deployment of SC21, adding value to your business.

All of the SC21 ‘diagnostics’ are included in a structured programme of work, culminating in a prioritised CSIP including:

* SC21 Briefing Session & Workshop

* SC21 Management Commitment                                  

* Performance Metrics

* Certification review

* Business Excellence

* Manufacturing Excellence

* Relationships Excellence including the RMR process

* SC21 Improvement activity Planning

* CSIP documentation with quantified improvements

* Project Planning (project charters)

Our team has already conducted in excess of 100 suites of SC21 diagnostics.

SC21 Practitioner approval process

DB Concept Solutions provides a comprehensive package designed to ensure that SC21 Practitioners receive the necessary training, shadow and witness in the SC21 Diagnostics methodologies required for a certification as a SC21 practitioner by the SC21 Performance, Development and Quality SIG.

Our newly qualified SC21 Practitioners are able to carry out SC21 diagnostics within their supply chain and identify appropriate CSIP improvement activities.


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