Services - Lean Tools & Techniques

Lean Practitioner Training

5 x 1-day course plus optional coaching – provides the knowledge and leadership skills for management teams to make local improvements using a powerful battery of Lean tools and techniques.

Course highlights include –

  • Lean tools for the team
  • Problem-solving for the team
  • Data collection & analysis for the team
  • Housekeeping for the team

The syllabus for delivery is always adjusted to match existing knowledge and the management structure of the organisation. All workshops are customised to meet in-house situations.

Management Commitment Workshop

Workshop designed to calibrate everyone’s knowledge referenced the potential of Lean Enterprise and facilitate the development of a Lean Roadmap to align with your company with Growth objectives and/or capacity constraints using Lean Enterprise

Lean Roadmap (Implementation plan) is designed to align your Management team and overall company objectives

Lean Implementation Programme

Concept Solutions can implement a Lean programme combining classroom and practical training through on-site training sessions that will include:-

  • Principles of lean
  • Development of a Lean Roadmap
  • Visual Control
  • Standard Work/Job
  • Problem-solving for the team
  • Data collection for the team
  • Principles of TPM (total productive maintenance)
  • Quantitatively measuring OEE effectiveness
  • Rapid Changeover (SMED) (Single Minute Exchange of Die)
  • Implementing 5S Practice

Visual Management Techniques

World class manufacturers use and relay on Good visual management techniques, which communicates and reinforces company standards to all employees.

Good visual management adds transparency to processes and encourages employees to become more fully engaged in their work and the success of the company.

There are four key elements to managing the work place visually:

  • Visual Communication ~ Objectives and Priorities
  • Workplace organization and standardization
  • Visual Measures ~ Area performance against targets
  • Visual Management ~ Inspection status ~ RAG



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