Services - Change Management

Team Leader Training

The overall objective of the Continuous Improvement Team Leader Development Programme is to introduce a robust culture of performance based leadership throughout the business. The Team leader development programme needs arise from:

  • Day to day activities of Team leaders’ roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring that there is a group of effective Team leaders who are able to translate customer requirements into achievement
  • The desire for organisational change that drives increased performance

As part of the programme, team leaders will be introduced to the basic tools & techniques of Lean manufacturing, Data collection, problem solving and Continuous Improvement methodologies.

Concept Solutions’ five day workshop focuses on the following areas:-

  • The Role of a Team Leader
  • Effective Communications
  • Effective Planning
  • Operational Performance
  • Problem identification and resolution

Project Coaching & Mentoring

Concept Solutions offer a variety of options including training and/or support packages designed to enable companies to achieve their objectives.

Coaching & Mentoring is generally project based on either Lean Enterprise or Six sigma with the aim of embedding a sustainable, routine and powerful Continuous Improvement programme through-out the company

Policy Deployment PDM

Development of the company’s Mission Vision and Values statements into business drivers and how to link them to the Objectives, Goals, Measures (KPI’s) and Resources

PDM provides a linkage and communication mechanism of the company’s Mission & Vision linked to Objectives, Goals, Measures (KPI’s) and Resources



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