The world’s Aero Engine Manufacturers, via the G22 working group (AESQ), have formally adopted 8D via the development of the new SAE AS13000 standard that requires a universal approach to problem solving activities throughout the supply chain.

This best practice approach is expected to be deployed within the whole supply chain by the end of 2015 with suppliers being expected to use the 8D format in the future. This industry wide change will enable the suppliers to improve both In-house and Delivered quality whilst also reducing costs by eliminating the waste caused by problem reoccurrence.



If you are implementing ISO 9001 or upgrading your quality system we can help with every area of training, new system design, update of your current system and implementation support.

Management commitment is something which has always been essential for any project to succeed. ISO 9001:2015 requires a more involved management team to run and own the management system.

Annex SL provides an opportunity to integrate all your management systems (QuEnSH) into one effective living management system which drives the company forward.

Whatever your industry and needs (Aerospace, Automotive, Medical) we can fully support the development of an integrated system aligned to PAS 99 effective and efficient management system. Contact us for details.



SC21 Roadmap

SC21 Roadmap to Recognition

Our SC21 Programme can be deployed in a number of very cost effective ways:

 Ensuring that SC21 is appropriate for your company prior to full diagnostics

 Mapping your company's route to the next SC21 level of engagement

 Documentation of your company’s SC21 exposition which will be used by ADS and key customers for the evaluation of eligibility against the SC21 recognition award criteria.



SC21 Diagnostics

Whether you are considering starting out on your SC21 journey or have been a participant for many years why not consider DB Concept Solutions Ltd for all your SC21 diagnostics. We have eight years experience working with the SC21 community and have worked with over 100 companies helping 40 of them achieve SC21 Awards.

Our standard package includes:



SC21 Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan

Support of your improvement journey

For companies wishing to implement the prioritised actions listed in their SC21 CSIP using a structured approach to continuous improvement. Our training and support packages are bespoke to the company and are aimed at all levels - from Senior Management teams to the shop floor. DB Concept Solutions' work packages are aimed at specific company objectives and are expected to achieve a 1:20 consultancy cost : improvement ratio.


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