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SC21 award success for onsite blast cleaning and industrial painting specialists Jack Tighe Ltd


The Tighe Group of Companies are UK based, private family owned companies that have been associated with painting for over sixty successful years. The group has expertise in decorating, industrial painting, shot/grit blasting and specialist coatings and operates out of four sites across Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire to offer full UK coverage.



Based near Gainsborough Jack Tighe Ltd is the member company that specialises in all types of onsite blast cleaning, specialist coatings, industrial and maintenance painting as well as being the location of the group’s Head Office. The company has vast expertise and experience in the Defence, Nuclear, Rail, Highways and Petrochemical sectors amongst others which has lead to diverse work streams including bridges, power stations, refineries, fuel storage tanks, cranes and shipping both MOD and commercial.  


Jack Tighe Ltd’s focus on customer satisfaction has gained key approvals and ongoing work from major industry names such as BAE Systems, Babcock Marine, Kier and Carillion, with much of this work being for the MOD.


SC21 is a change programme designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace & defence industry by raising the performance of its supply chains. In 2011 Jack Tighe Ltd’s Managing Director Martin Hillyard and his management team signed up to SC21 as a self-starter having recognised the benefits of the programme and viewing it going forward as being a key improvement tool for the business.

Six Sigma Presentation

Consultant, and SC21 Practitioner, Dave Bull was engaged to undertake the SC21 diagnostics of Business and Manufacturing Excellence and it was these that formed the basis of the input into Jack Tighe’s first CSIP (Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan). Key improvement activities identified in this initial 2012 CSIP included the need for increased focus on Lean Manufacturing training and the introduction of Six Sigma. Both of these were successfully implemented over the following two years in programmes coordinated and delivered by process specialist consultant Jeremy Bell. The end result being that twelve of Jack Tighe’s management team from Supervisor to Director level have now completed a Lean Practitioner’s course with virtually the whole team also holding Six Sigma Green Belt status.


Martin Hillyard of Jack tighe & Michael Walton MBE of BAE Systems.

This progress along the road of Continuous Improvement was confirmed with the re-scoring of the SC21 diagnostics in early 2015 by DB Concept Solutions. The results were very satisfying as the company’s Manufacturing Excellence score had increased by 15% and its Business Excellence score was up by 50%. These improvements coupled with 2014 quality and delivery results of a perfect 100% to the business group lead to formal recognition from the SC21 community in the form of a Bronze Recognition Award in March 2015. This award was presented to the company at the showcase ADS SC21 Task Force event on April 14th 2015 by Michael Walton MBE of BAE Systems.


A proud company MD Martin Hillyard says "The SC21 processes have altered the company in a very positive way. Before signing up to the programme we had numerous systems in place which, although helpful to the business, were not really monitored or reported upon. SC21 has been fundamental in pulling these systems together, then coordinating and improving them in a manageable ongoing way”

The company also feels that further benefits have been received from SC21 in the form of confirmation, and increased recognition, of their customer performance to a wider audience. It is also very proud of the fact that Jack Tighe is currently the only painting contractor to hold an SC21 award

For instance, one of Jack Tighe’s major customers, and sponsor, is BAE Systems Surface Ships for whom the company has had an onsite presence at HM Naval Base in Portsmouth for the past 12 years. Here Royal Navy vessels are grit blasted and coated, including HMS Daring and HMS Iron Duke, as well as commercial ferries and dock infrastructure. Here the company has used the SC21 reporting tools to develop systems that suit both customer and supplier. Indeed, on hearing that Jack Tighe was going for an SC21 award the Supply Chain Manager for BAE’s Maritime Services Michael Walton MBE commented “that BAE would not hesitate in recommending Jack Tighe for this award and that their “can do” “will do” attitude makes them a valuable member of our supply chain”


The SC21 award status is also acknowledged by Phil Curnock, Head of Supply Chain at ADS who says: “ADS is delighted that Jack Tighe has achieved a performance level within the SC21 programme that has now been reflected in this deserved first SC21 bronze award. I congratulate Martin and his team for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into making this possible.”


To be the first, and currently only painting contractor in the UK to achieve an SC21 award is a huge credit to the team,” stated managing director, Martin Hillyard. “It is delivering real benefits for the company and raising our profile across various industries. I would also like to personally thank Dave Bull who has supported us over the whole journey and provided guidance, knowledge as well as the training that has developed the team.”


Dave Bull, director of DB Concept Solutions, who has assisted Jack Tighe every step of the way through from the initial SC21 diagnostics right through to the current award level success, says: “SC21 is the industry accepted benchmark for excellence in optimising supply chains through accelerating competitiveness in various industry sectors. I am proud to have been involved in Jack Tighe’s SC21 deployment and also pleased the company has gained deserved recognition in the form of this award. The fantastic progress made over the past few years is a credit to the whole team. ”


The reaching of award level success does not mean that the company will be resting on its laurels as it will continue striving to improve metrics performance, maintain its award status and building future development plans incorporating this SC21 recognition.


Aside from the naval dockyard in Portsmouth work mentioned above, the company also has current major projects which include a 3 vessel Irish Navy contract with Cape Industries for Babcock Marine at Appledore dockyard as well as recently setting up for BAE at the Govan shipyard for a project involving the blasting and painting of three new offshore patrol vessels.